Monday, July 24, 2017

                         12.Nightclub entrance, Calgary

                                       Detail on 'The Nova Gate' public
                                       art piece. Business district, Calgary

                         11.Stepping out of the shadows, business district

                         10. Daisy burst behind a picket fence in a residence in
                         Mission, Calgary.

                                      Hinge on a moving van

                                      9. Tiny bird houses in Lougheed park

                           8.      'you're the one' daisies in a residence in
                                 Mission, Calgary

                                       7.Trailer in orange and black

                         6.A conversation at dusk in Lougheed Park, Calgary

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

                         5.Red car in the rain

4.Gate in Kensington, Calgary, late afternoon          

                          3.Yard in Kensington, Calgary

                         2.Mansion in Roxboro